Engine001 Action/RPG Maker 1.007.005

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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  • Sistema: w98 wME wNT w2000 wXP
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A complete visual role-playing game creation engine.

Engine001 Action/RPG Maker, under this complicated title, is a powerful engine to create RPGs, that lets you give life to your fantasies and imagination. Who hasn´t wanted to create the game of their dreams? Would you like to create your own, completely personalized RPG, with your characters, scenes, enemies, situations, and without any programming? Engine001 Action/RPG Maker is your answer.

With this tool, designers can create as big a map as they like. Your responsibility is to adequately place the water, floor, three layers of objects, walls, and endless elements you want. The same is true of the characters, both those you can play and those you can´t. Each element of their appearance (statistics, look, fighting behaviour), equipment, etc is completely personalizable.

There are characters automatically controlled by the PC, which can do the following:

* Walk anywhere on the map.

* Chase others.

* Open doors.

* Attack others and also vehicles.

* Escape when they are hurt or hit.

* Move along a predetermined route in consideration with the Artificial Intelligence.

* Change state according to their field of vision, for example between defensive and offensive if an enemy comes near).

Engine001 Action/RPG Maker lets you define all types of Point-and-Click events, and above all lets the designeer develop very high levels of personalization in all elements. Engine001 Action/RPG Maker is a very powerful platform that´s also entertaining, to develop your own RPG games.


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